Mugur Isarescu: Romania’s central figure April 16, 2015

THE soaring walls and revolving doors of Romania’s communist-era finance ministry on Bucharest’s Constitution Square expose a deeply rooted instability that hampers one of Europe’s more volatile economies. Portraits of former ministers are displayed around the walls of the ministry’s foyer, their faces looking beyond those doors to the pompous … read more >>

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Malaysia: Zeti’s last stand January 17, 2016

Alas poor Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Malaysia’s embattled central bank governor. At 68, and after 15 years in the job, she is due to retire next April. But it is not certain whether she will make it that far. Her beloved ringgit has collapsed to its lowest level in 17 years, … read more >>

Zeti tries to rise above Malaysia’s creeping crisis November 15, 2015

For Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the venerable governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the country’s central bank, these should be the best of times. Deep into her last year of what will be, by her retirement next April, 16 years at the helm of BNM, it should be a period of … read more >>

Spain: Sabadell tries out a new look October 15, 2015

Since the financial crisis the bank has been transformed from a Catalan regional to the fifth largest bank in Spain. It now has ambitions in Europe and the Americas.

Byambasaikhan offers Mongolia a fresh exchange of ideas September 15, 2015

In doing the rounds of Ulaanbaatar, it doesn’t take long to encounter someone who used to work at the Mongolian Stock Exchange. Former MSE staff seem to be deposited most everywhere across the narrow universe that is Corporate Mongolia; at its handful of banks, its few private equity firms, the … read more >>

Sri Lanka: Showdown at the central bank August 15, 2015

Vendettas waged by government bureaucrats never look good but, in Sri Lanka, such higher-minded considerations seem to have evaded two powerful men who should know better. Arjuna Mahendran and Ajith Cabraal, the current and former governors of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, have been at each other’s throats over … read more >>

Bankia’s Alvarez: Saving the bank that didn’t exist June 15, 2015

In early 2013, Jose Sevilla Alvarez, the then newly appointed chief executive of Spain’s Bankia, sat down with his chairman, the storied Spanish banker Jose Ignacio Goirigolzarri, to have a critical conversation about where Bankia was going. Outside, the atmosphere in Spain was as toxic as the rancid bank they … read more >>

Jho says it ain’t so: Malaysian tycoon denies role in 1MDB ‘heist of the century’ May 15, 2015

Low Taek Jho’s high-rise lair in Hong Kong is the stuff of thrillers, appropriately enough for a young Penang-born tycoon cast by his countrymen as a mysterious villain whose shadowy dealings have exposed the secrets of Malaysia Inc. The intrigues are felt the moment one steps inside the stylish foyer … read more >>

Artistic licence in Romania April 15, 2015

When Euromoney visited the hulking headquarters of Romania’s finance ministry in Bucharest in December to interview Ioana Petrescu, the then occupant of that prestigious office, we were taken by the portraits in the entrance foyer that honoured those who had served before her. There were 20 portraits – and that … read more >>

Turkey: The Battle for Bank Asya December 1, 2014

Turkey’s president has tried to kick of one of the country’s largest banks into touch, through public attacks and behind-the-scenes pressure. Despite becoming a political football, Bank Asya is still in the game. Can Turkey’s reputation in the west as a place to do business survive Erdogan’s continued, politically-motivated vendetta? … read more >>