Emerging Europe: A free market for Georgia? February 5, 2014 - Euromoney

By the seasoned standards of the world’s finance ministers, Georgia’s Nodar Khaduri, aged 43 and just over a year in the slot, is a relative babe in arms. Take Euromoney’s last five finance ministers of the year. Our 2008 winner, China’s Xi Xuren, was the oldest, at 61, while, at … read more >>

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Schapelle Revisited.. February 10, 2014 - Spectator/Bulletin

The trials of Schapelle There are braying reporters, dozing judiciary members, colourful lawyers and assorted hangers-on basking in the limelight and baking in the Indonesian heat. Centre stage, an Australian woman’s life is at stake.. Judgement in Denpasar The Bali expats and intelligentsia are disgusted by Australia’s racist reaction. The … read more >>

What China’s Off-the-Books Figures Mean for Australia January 23, 2014 - The Global Mail

Last September, a small news item in China’s official media, that in less skittish economic times might have sailed through unremarked, revealed a disturbing truth about this suddenly most essential of nations – that too often its official statistics are bogus. Portents and truths sprung from China in recent times … read more >>

ASIO Took It – But Was It Timor’s or Australia’s? January 22, 2014 - The Global Mail

Apparently in international law as in life, the most important things get hidden in plain view. And so it was that on Tuesday in The Hague, an International Court of Justice judge from Somalia – a tiny impoverished land that in recent times has come to know a thing or … read more >>

Ghosts and Memory Sticks: Court Hears East Timor Case Against ASIO Swoop January 21, 2014 - The Global Mail

PERHAPS it was a glow emanating from the Mandela bust outside the court, or from the bronzed Gandhi next to it, but an unexpectedly gentile civility pervaded The Hague’s baronial Peace Palace on Monday, as the United Nations’ International Court of Justice (ICJ) began hearing a case that outwardly seems … read more >>

Morocco: Attijariwafa stakes claims south of the Sahara January 3, 2014 - Euromoney

It’s a steamy mid-September and l’atmosphere in downtown Casablanca could well be mistaken for a languid late summer in Marseilles. In myriad chic eateries, Fashionable Young Things in oversized Jackie O sunglasses tap instant messages to each other into new iPhones over café au lait, while their male equivalents motor … read more >>

In Singapore’s Shadows December 12, 2013 - The Global Mail

From the late 1960s until last Sunday night, the closest Singapore has ever come to a race riot was in June this year when McDonald’s offered locals a Hello Kitty soft toy in blackface, with an order of burger and fries. Bad idea. The inner Singaporean was uncorked. Chaos reigned … read more >>

Sri Lanka – Rajapaksa Calls “Bull Shit” On Global Mail Coverage September 29, 2013 - The Global Mail

Last weekend, as a courtesy, The Global Mail emailed Sri Lanka’s unelected Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa a link to our story on the nepotism among Sri Lanka’s powerful elite. Gota, as Sri Lankans know him, is the country’s enforcer-in-chief. The former soldier is credited with having masterminded his presidential brother … read more >>

Sri Lanka Part Three – The Smugglers’ Prey August 23, 2013 - The Global Mail

WHAT does a Sri Lankan would-be asylum seeker look like? Many look like this man. His name is Gnanaseelan. He’s 32. He’s a Tamil, though never a Tiger. A father. A widower.He lives in this desperate shanty outside the seaside hamlet of Mullaitivu, on Sri Lanka’s war-ravaged north-east coast, with … read more >>

Sri Lanka Part Two – The Monks’ Army August 22, 2013 - The Global Mail

Sri Lanka’s raffish capital, where we begin our series, is in economic catch-up mode. Colombo is replacing the colonial-era roads and railways built when Churchill was a boy and ‘Ceylon’ was a languid tropical afterthought for the British who ruled the plantation island.Though it took its time – 10 years … read more >>