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Finally free, Proctor warns of Qatar's complexities

The nightmare of being held against his will is finally over for David Proctor, the former chief executive of Al-Khaliji Bank. Reunited with his family, he can finally reveal the extent of his ordeal, and issues a stark warning to other finance professionals looking to do business in Qatar

Qataris score own goal in banking stoush

WHAT is more important, money or liberty? David Proctor is in no doubt - it is liberty every day of the week

Nightmare over for UK banker held in Qatar (see also The Banker Who Cant Get Out of Qatar)

David Proctor, the former CEO of Al-Khaliji Bank who had been kept in the Gulf state against his will for 14 months, has finally been allowed to leave Qatar and will be reunited with his family this weekend. Eric Ellis, the reporter who broke news of his plight, reveals that no charges were ever brought against Proctor, who says his experience makes him caution others about doing business in Qatar

Qatar? Be warned?

WHAT do you know about Qatar?

The Banker Who Cant Get Out of Qatar

David Proctor thought he had found a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a Gulf financial powerhouse at Al-Khaliji Bank. It didn't work out. But almost a year after he was removed as chief executive Proctor's life is in limbo, as Qatar's authorities decline to grant him an exit visa that would reunite him with his family. Eric Ellis investigates



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