Emerging Europe: A free market for Georgia?

By the seasoned standards of the world’s finance ministers, Georgia’s Nodar Khaduri, aged 43 and just over a year in the slot, is a relative babe in arms. Take Euromoney’s last five finance ministers of the year. Our 2008 winner, China’s Xi Xuren, was the oldest, at 61, while, at … read more >>

Schapelle Revisited..

The trials of Schapelle There are braying reporters, dozing judiciary members, colourful lawyers and assorted hangers-on basking in the limelight and baking in the Indonesian heat. Centre stage, an Australian woman’s life is at stake.. Judgement in Denpasar The Bali expats and intelligentsia are disgusted by Australia’s racist reaction. The … read more >>

Protected: Sandra

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